Can Iguana run on my medical device which runs on Palm, iOS, QNX etc. on an ARM, power PC etc. processor?

This variant of question comes up a lot with medical device vendors that are using operating systems like QNX, Linux on ARM processors etc.

If there was a good business need for it, yes Iguana could be ported to run on such devices.

However HL7 interfaces are typically point to point interfaces which require persistent connectivity.  Also it becomes a burden if one needs to configure and map data on multiple medical devices.  A better approach is to:

  1. Have the medical devices speak to a central server running Iguana.  They can format the data using a very simple fixed format of data in XML or JSON over a secure transport protocol like HTTPS.  i.e. a RESTful web service.
  2. Iguana can then take responsibility for mapping, transforming and routing the data to where it needs to go to.

Iguana can reside locally within a local area network or even be hosted out in the cloud.

This way the configuration on the devices can be kept very simple – simply configure a URL to which they should connect to and send and receive data from.

We work with a large number of companies in the medical device industry in this manner like Capsule, Mindray and Natus.

Talk to us if you would like assistance in figuring out your connectivity strategy.

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