Interfaces for legacy vmd files



As the saying goes it if ain’t broke don’t fix it. For many customers if you have existing interfaces implemented using Chameleon vmd/python technology there is no point migrating that code to the Translator, especially if it meets your current needs.

However if you do have good reasons for moving forward to using the Translator but need to migrate your existing old mappings then there a couple of APIs we have implemented to make that easy for you.

  • chm.parse{}: this invokes an HL7 to table grammar parse as one would typically have done inside a To Database component.
  • chm.transform{}: this invokes either a scripted or graphical transformation as one would have done in filter component.

If you are interested in porting your existing interfaces to Translator technology have a look at the DB to HL7 tutorial. It shows the use of regression testing to ensure equivalent logic. If you have a need to port your existing code over to the Translator then please drop us a line at We are in the process of helping to build a set of resources to solve this type of problem.

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