How does the Iguana Translator compare to more ‘wizard’ focused environments?

Real integration work does require coding of some sort to get the work done.

There are many products which claim to eliminate the need for coding by saying their easy to use wizards solve all the problems. The trouble is that every business is unique. It’s inevitable that some of the integration work you do will require some less than trivial logic, which is always most efficiently implemented using code.

We did not see value in being another company claiming to offer, yet failing to deliver code free integration; therefore, we picked a very different trajectory with the Iguana Translator.

The Iguana Translator was built with the philosophy of not getting in your way. The environment emphasizes usability and visibility through its unique patent pending design. It makes it exceptionally easy for a team to work together so that it doesn’t require the ‘primary interface programmer’ to be the only person that understands how to fix problems. A great quote to that effect is from one of our customers Stephen Brown of Cambridge Imaging who gave:

“The Iguana interface has been live for over a month now, with no Iguana issues at all. The database retries construct that we put together works very well – and is essential on this site. Shortly after deployment, there was one scripting issue where a rogue message arrived with some missing fields – but our support team managed to fix that quite quickly. I was on holiday at the time, and it really raised our confidence levels in the Iguana interface that such an issue could be solved without the ‘lead programmer’ being present…”

The Translator is a great tool for processing HL7.  It’s awesome for handling RESTful web services.  It can even handle DICOM. The Translator has no limits as to what it can do because Lua is a fully functional language that can literally be applied to anything. We no longer use anything else but the Translator to meet our internal IT needs. This documentation you are reading showcases just how versatile it is.

The Translator is more usable and productive than any other competing middleware technology in the marketplace today.  To quote another customer, Mike Sofen of Qliance:

“I’ll reiterate my engineer’s and my own opinion:  Iguana is one of the best software/data integration products ever built.  I personally think it’s the best…”

Do you know what is really exciting?  Within its own timeframe, the Translator is at version 1.0.  This is not a technology at the apex of its evolution. It’s rapidly evolving with elegant new functionality being added month by month. If you like what you see today, you will positively adore what is about to come.

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