Using the S() function as shorthand for tostring()

Converting a node tree into a string is such a common task that we created the :S() method that you can use. The :S() method is simply a shorthand for the Lua tostring() method. All you need to do is add the node module to project, using require(), and you are good to go.

Note: The :S() function was added to the builtin node module in Iguana 5.6.16, so you only need to require() the node module if you are working with 5.6.15 or earlier.

Here is an example using tostring():

Now we add the node module and use the more concise :S() method:

If we step into the :S() function we can see that it simply calls tostring() to do the conversion:

If we view the annotation data from from the queue.push{} we can see it is the same in both cases:

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