Bed Monitor – Custom Dashboard

So do you like the look of this?

This is a screen shot of a little application we put together using Iguana. You can try it out on your own machine right now. The example application consists of three channels:

  1. The first channel generates a dummy ADT feed.
  2. The second channel processes this feed and populates a little embedded SQLite database with the bed status information.
  3. The third channel presents this information nicely in a little web dashboard which is what you can see.

It’s a simple application. The real beauty of this is that you can easily install it, put your own real ADT data into it and then customize what you see in the dashboard so you can make your own custom dashboards for a a different purpose.

Loading it is easy – just follow the instructions to get the Channel Manager application installed and run it to show all the example applications we have in the Iguana App repo.

At this point you can go ahead and import the three Bed Monitor channels and run them. Wait a minute or two and go have a look at the web dash board channel and you should see a live ‘dashboard’ of bed statuses in an imaginary ER department.

Try it out and see what you think.

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