Iguana Apps

The cool thing about Iguana is that you can do more with it than a traditional interface engine. It’s easy to build mini applications on top of Iguana.

We often find that our user base end up implementing very similar utilities to manage what they do with Iguana. That’s a big motivation for why we have started to make these apps available. It’s all about providing a better tool chain that is widely accessible using open technologies to help our user base use Iguana better.

If you’re a little bit curious and want to be on the leading edge of what an integration engine can do – this is the place to come!

Iguana Apps with Iguana 6.0

This gives the instructions for easily loading the apps for Iguana 6.

Channel Manager

This is the first thing you'll need before you begin. The Channel Manager allows you to import all the useful apps we have in the repository. It's also useful tool in it's own right...

Bed Monitor – Custom Dashboard

This is simple example of creating a dashboard to look at some healthcare data. It's a good starting point to jump off for other kinds of dashboards you might have in mind.

What makes Iguana Apps interesting?

So no we're not trying to compete with Apple's AppStore! Iguana Apps have a different focus and I think make a better solution for a lot of needs that our customers have.

What is Git and why might I consider using it?

No you don't have to use GIT - GIT is a bit new to a lot of our customers. This gives some background on what it is and where it fits with Iguana apps.

Filter Regression Tests

Ah regression testing - if you are doing anything non trivial with coding then it's a necessary evil. This app shows a very interesting starting point to what most vendors at least should consider doing.

Unit Testing – Round II (ding ding)

Yep - it's true. In a day you can do something useful with these apps. Wade our QA engineer is living proof...

Monitoring Remote Iguana Instances

Got 100's of customer sites running live instances of Iguana to monitor behind fire walls? Your prayers have been answered! This application shows how you can have those all live and monitored with a global dashboard in a snap...

Submitting to CAIR via the CDHP HIE Gateway

A requirement for Meaningful Use 2 in California is to connect with and send immunization records to the California Immunization Registry, also known as CAIR. This is SOAP interface and if you'd like to get it done quickly you've come to the right spot...

Submitting to CalREDIE via the CDHP HIE Gateway

A requirement for Meaningful Use 2 in California is to connect with and send infectious disease laboratory reports to the California Reportable Disease Information Exchange, also known as CalREDIE. This is SOAP interface and if you'd like to get it done quickly you've come to the right spot...

Generic Z Segment Parser

Just a handy little module to parse out arbitrary Z segments if you cannot be bothered defining them in a vmd.

Introducing Database Schema (DBS) Files

This is the first result of some R&D we've been doing in custom grammars. Instead of using a vmd to represent table schema you can use this human readable format instead.

Self describing web service (with Help Editor)

If you are looking to use best practice when making your product easy to integrate with then you should be thinking about making a really good web service API for it. Keep watching this page for the model of how to do it...

The Anatomy of an Iguana App

This nine part mini series gives an overview of the internals of an Iguana Web App. Like what you see? Want to get creative? This covers the surprisingly simple basics of how to get started with hacking Iguana Apps. You can just read the first three pages to get an overview.

Cloning the Iguana Apps Repo using GitHub

If you want to contribute your own patches and code into the Iguana Community Repository then you'll need to start by forking your own repository. This is your personal sandbox. Once the code is ready you can issue a pull request to have us review it and see if makes sense to put the core code back into the main repository.

Iguana Recipes

If you are coming to the next masters class, read this, if you are not you might want to sneak a peek anyway!

So what is Masters training all about?

This gives you a bit of an overview of what masters training is all about and why it makes sense to take advantage of it.