Iguana 5.6.12

What’s new in 5.6.12

We’ve been doing silent releases for a while now (since Iguana 5.6.10). Overall the changes made add up to some significant improvements in Iguana, particularly as to how fossil is used in the deployment of channels. For more information about this you can read Eliot’s forum entry about this release.

  • Added the environment variable IGUANA_MILESTONE_LISTING_LIMIT to allow users to restrict the number of milestones listed when viewing saved milestones.
  • Added the limit parameter to Iguana’s log API to restrict the number of messages being returned:
    • http://localhost:6543/api_query?limit=10 will return 10 log entries
  • Added reverse and unique parameters to Iguana’s log API. The reverse parameter returns log messages in order from newest to oldest (vs the normal behavior of oldest to newest). The unique parameter, when combined with type=Messages, will return only unique message logs (vs including ignored and resubmitted messages).
    • http://localhost:6543/api_query?reverse=true will return all logs in order from newest to oldest
    • http://localhost:6543/api_query?type=messages&unique=true will return a list of unique messages in order from newest to oldest
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1j to fix the “POODLE” exploit identified by the OpenSSL team
  • json.serialize will now accept tables that include userdata objects that have a :tostring() function (i.e., with __tostring defined in their metatable)
  • Two bug fixes, and two other behavior changes
  • To see the complete list of changes, feel free to browse the the Iguana change log

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