Tip for easy traceability in interfaces.

More and more systems that people are integrating with Iguana are web based. Because of this there is a really nice way to add that little bit of user friendliness when it comes to how interfaces are written.

Say you are mapping data into an EMR and you have a patient ID then it’s possible usually to generate a URL that will open up the EMR for that patient. So you can write a little bit of logging code in your interface to drop the URL into the Iguana logs.  Iguana hyperlinks these URLs automatically so it’s a nice way to make it easy to click on a given patient from the history of handling a particular transaction.

The same principle applies no matter what the application is.  Internally we use this technique for the interfaces we have going into our CRM system.

It’s simple to do and adds great value to any interface by making it easy to see what parts of an application are being impacted by a particular transaction.

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