Workarounds for Issues and Bugs

This FAQ contains workarounds various Iguana issues and bugs. It also contains the versions that were affected, and a link to the bug fix in the Iguana Change Logs (if applicable).

Versions affected: 5.0.2 up to and including 5.0.8

Bug Fix: Change log for Iguana 5.0.9: Bug Fix 4 (#19021)

An issue exists when using the net.http operations to send large amounts of data to the server.

The symptom is that the server will appear to receive the first 16 kb of data repeatedly, up to the length of the original data.

A fix will be included in 5.0.9, but in the meantime, a workaround exists for this issue:

function readClosure(input)
  local sent_amount = 0
  return function(buffer_size)
     local out = input:sub(sent_amount+1,sent_amount+buffer_size)
     sent_amount = sent_amount+buffer_size
     return out

-- The main function is the first function called from Iguana.
function main()
  local str = 'My Test data that is really a very long string'
  local out = net.http.put{url='http://my_url',reader=readClosure(str)}


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