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The Developing Interfaces section is your primary resource for all tasks related to creating Iguana interfaces. Therefore this section has in depth material covering most interface scenarios: HL7, CDA, Web Services, and Database. It also includes our Repositories a Github library of around 70 sample channels. There are also various related topics like: Interface Interface Architecture, Sample Code, Performance and Troubleshooting. Consequently you can quickly find help for any interface related task by viewing the relevant topics, or by using the search box.

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Developing Interfaces content [top]

A brief overview of the content in each topic:

Using the Developing Interfaces Section [top]

You can use the menu to browse to the relevant topic shown in the previous section. Alternatively using search can be very helpful as it will return other relevant content, like: Pages from our Iguana forums, or other related pages from elsewhere in the documentation.

If you cannot find the answer you need please contact us at

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