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FAQs and Tips contain two sections: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips. Frequently Asked Questions contains solutions to common issues encountered by our users. The Tips sections contains useful tips to help you complete common tasks. You can also quickly find help for FAQs and Tips by viewing relevant topics, or by using the search box.

Other useful material: Developers will probably be interested in the Building Interfaces section. Whereas administrators should take a look at the Administration and Reference sections.

If you cannot find the answer you need please contact us at support@interfaceware.com.

FAQs and Tips content [top]

A brief overview of the content in this section:

Here you can find the Frequently Asked Questions with answers to questions about configuring your system when using Iguana and fixing common errors. Therefore you will find FAQs like: fixing issues from changing the system clock while Iguana is running (the “time travel” issue), how to use an external identity store for user validation, preventing antivirus software from interfering with Iguana backups, resolving connection issues with remote github repositories etc. You will also find the Tips section that contains useful mini-guides (tips) to help you complete many common tasks, like: Understanding how main is processed, How to troubleshoot Iguana Memory Leaks, etc.
Note: The Administration and Reference sections also contain Iguana configuration information.

Using FAQs and Tips [top]

You can use the menu to browse to the relevant topic shown in the previous section. Alternatively using search can be very helpful as it will return other relevant content, like: Pages from our Iguana forums, or other related pages from elsewhere in the documentation.

There are many other informative articles in other sections of the knowledge base. Administrators should look at the Administration and Reference sections. Whereas developers will be particularly interested in Building Interfaces.

If you cannot find the answer you need please contact us at support@interfaceware.com.

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