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When choosing From Channel as the source component of a channel, Iguana has a special feature that allows you to select more than one channel as a source, even if that channel already has a destination component assigned.

By using this feature, you can route messages from many channels to one channel, one channel to many channels and minimize message duplication

Task [top]

Explain how to assign multiple sources to a channel using the From Channel source component.

Implementation [top]

  1. Consider you have the following five channels:
    list of channels
  2. To add the output queues from these five channels as sources for your channel:
    1. Go to Dashboard->[Channel-name]->Source Tab->edit channel.
    2. You will see a section that says Add a source channel with a drop-down box.
    3. Select each of the the five channels to add them as Source Channels for the input queue:
      channel source properties

Note: Make sure that the channel you want to add other channels queues to uses the From Channel source component; it must be chosen upon creation of the channel and cannot be changed from another type after the channel is created.

How it works [top]

The From Channel source component can listen to other channel types (like File, LLP, Trans, HTTP). This is because the From Channel can see and access messages pushed by From Component into the message queue.

By using this feature, you can easily achieve the following design patterns:
  • Many channels to one channel
  • One channel to many channels
  • Controllable message routing with minimal message duplication

More information [top]

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