Configure the settings for the From HTTPS source component.

The From HTTPS component listens for and responds to requests on a specified URL.

  • Click the Edit Channel button
  • Enter your settings and click Save Changes

Use translator

  • ¬†Choose either the Translator or the Legacy checkbox:
    • Translator: The channel will listen and respond to requests on the specified URL
    • Legacy: The channel can only communicate with Iguana channels that use the To HTTPS destination component.

URL path

  • Enter the URL the channel will use for incoming requests
    Note: This field is only displayed if the Translator option is chosen above

    Note: Iguana uses directory-style sub-path matching to identify the URLs to listen on. This means that sub-paths like “/foxton/accounts” and “/foxton/hospital” will be processed.

Thread count

  • Specify the number of threads allocated to the HTTPS component (each thread is counted as a channel for licensing purposes)
    Note: This field is only displayed if the Translator option is chosen above

Tip: When multiple HTTP requests are coming in to this channel, they will be processed in parallel by available Translator threads in the source component. Some operations such as input/output will still be blocking across threads, but multi-threading will be beneficial if you may be waiting on the results of some other process when handling an HTTP request. Each thread is independent, so in particular that means no global Lua values are shared between them.


  • Choose which version/commit of your script Iguana should use when you run the channel

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