From Translator

Configure the settings for the From Translator source component.

The From Translator component processes messages using Lua scripts. The From and To Translators are the most versatile Iguana components. You can use them to process any type of message, and to apply any business logic that you require.

  • Click the Edit Channel button
  • Enter your settings and click Save Changes

Poll time

  • Enter the poll time (the default = 1000 milliseconds)
    Note: The poll time indicates how often your main function will be called by this channel


  • Select the desired commit/version from the list (default = latest commit)
    Note: If you are creating a new channel there will be no commits to choose from


  • Click the Edit Script… link to edit the component’s Lua script

Note: When you create a channel with a From/To Translator you will see an error indicating that no commit has been chosen, this is normal so don’t worry.

The reason for this is simple enough you haven’t written any code yet so there are no commits to choose from. This will be resolved as soon as you start writing code and create your first commit.

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