How to renew your Chameleon Registration


Renewing your Chameleon registration is very similar to renewing an Iguana registration. You need to find the Chameleon Machine ID and use it to get a new registration code, either through your Members Account or by emailing our support team.

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How to renew your Chameleon Registration.

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  1. Find Your Chameleon Machine ID:
    1. In Chameleon, click Help > About
    2. The About iNTERFACEWARE Chameleon window appears.
    3. The Machine ID should be visible, something like this:
      chameleon help

      Note: If you cannot see Machine ID, then you are probably running an older version of Chameleon.

      In such cases, use the command line option below instead.

    4. Alternatively open a Windows command prompt “cmd” or powershell window:
    5. Type msgtransform –version to display the Machine ID and version number:
      C:\> msgtransform --version
      Machine Id: LCOMNEBDMA
      Current Locale: C
      Engine Version: 6.1 Build: 2 Beta
  2. Register Chameleon:
    1. Login to your members account and activate a new Chameleon license – using the Machine ID from the previous step.
    2. Alternatively email support at with the Machine ID and request a registration code.
    3. Paste your registration code into Registration Code field.
    4. In the Expiry Date field, select the correct expiry date for your license.
      NOTE: If the date does not match the key, the registration will fail.
    5. Click the Ok button.

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