Iguana Enterprise and Professional Security Enhancements


Various security are included with Iguana Enterprise and Iguana Professional.

Note: See the Iguana Enterprise and Professional section for more information about Iguana Enterprise and Iguana Professional.

Log encryption [top]

Securing Iguana message logs is important for restricting access to confidential information. So the log encryption feature has been added to Iguana Professional and Enterprise packages, see the Log Encryption section for more information.

Using encrypted logs greatly increases data security, log encryption is mandatory and cannot be disabled.

Audit Logs [top]

Preventing unauthorized access to confidential information (like PHI) is important. So we have introduced user activity audit logging as part of Iguana Professional and Enterprise, see Iguana Audit Logs for more information.

Audit logs use a new type of log message used track user activity in Iguana. They are generated when a user views or exports log messages.

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