Moving Iguana from one Server to Another

Documentation will be updated for Iguana 6.

For now please refer to Moving Iguana from one Server to Another.

Because we are using Git repositories in Iguana 6 there are a couple of changes to be aware of:

  • Moving Iguana is very similar, with these changes:
    • Do not transfer:
      • The fossil repository (vcs_repo.sqlite) because it is no longer used
      • The Iguana configuration file (IguanaConfiguration.xml) as it is included when you transfer the Git repository
    • Transfer the Git repository: Copy the Git repository folder (<working directory>/IguanaMainRepo)
      Note: Do not transfer the IguanaConfigurationRepo, edit, or run directories
  • The Iguana configuration file (IguanaConfiguration.xml) has been moved into the Git repository (<working directory>/IguanaConfigurationRepo)
    Note: This means IguanaConfiguration.xml is included when the main Git repository (IguanaMainRepo) is transferred

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