Manage Roles and the Users that are assigned to them.

Iguana uses a rich Role Based permission system which allows enterprises to control access to different features and actions. The Administrators Role and the admin User are built in to Iguana. Only users in the Administrators Role can make changes to the Administrators Role, neither the Admin user or the Administrator Role can be deleted.

From this screen you Add and Remove Roles and add Users to Roles.

  • Click Add Role to create a new Role
  • [EDIT] to modify a Role
  • [REMOVE] to delete a Role

Note: the only difference between creating and editing a Role is that you cannot change the Role Name while editing.

Creating or Editing Roles

Click Add Role or [EDIT] then enter the Role details and select Add Role or Save Changes.

Note: See Channel Group Permissions Summary for details of the permissions granted by each of the Roles.


  • Name of the Role


  • Description of the Role

Channel Groups

  • Select the Channel Group(s) for the Role
  • Users assigned to this role will only see channels in the selected group(s) when viewing the Dashboard

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