How to Report Problems

General Background

  1. Before Contacting us
  2. Tips to improve the support process
  3. Collecting the Relevant Information

This article describes what to do when you need help from our support team. Following these tips and guidelines will ensure that your problems will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Before Contacting us [top]

Before you request support from our team, do the following first:

If the manual and the most recent versions of our products do not resolve your problem, feel free to contact support at See the Support Tips below for how to contact us, and the information that you should provide.

Tips to improve the support process [top]

Here are some tips that will be helpful to you if you need to contact our support team:

  • Send all support inquiries to, even if you have communicated with a specific support team member in the past. This is important, as a particular staff member may not be available on a given day.
  • When you contact our support team, be sure to provide enough information to enable us to reproduce the problem.
  • If you contact our support team, be sure to follow up on the resolution of the problem. That way, both you and our support team will be satisfied that your problem has been resolved.

The following sections describes the information you should provide when you contact us. This will help us resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

Collecting the Relevant Information [top]

Before we can solve your problem, we need to be able to reproduce it. The information that you need to provide depends on the type of error you are reporting, see the following pages for details.

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