Deleting Messages and Marking Errors

Undeleting a Message

If you have deleted a log message, you can undelete it.

Note: You must be a member of the Administrators role to be able to undelete a log message. See Roles for more information.

To delete a log message:

  • Click the Logs tab.
  • In the Search Criteria panel, in the list box at the bottom of the panel, ensure that Show Deleted or Show Only Deleted has been selected. (If Hide Deleted is selected, you will not be able to view the log messages that you have deleted.)
  • Locate the log message that you want to undelete.

Tip: When you are locating a message, the following shortcut keys may be useful:

  • Ctrl+Home displays the most recent log message that matches the current search criterion.
  • Ctrl+End displays the oldest log message that matches the current search criterion.

See Searching the Logs for more information on specifying a search criteria for the Iguana logs.

Click the message to display its detailed view:

Click to undelete the message.

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