Deleting Messages and Marking Errors

Marking an Error

If an Iguana service error or a channel error has been detected, you can mark the error. This indicates that you have seen the error. When an error is marked, it no longer shows up on the Dashboard or in the channel Control Panel.

Note: You must be a member of the Administrators role to be able to mark an error. See Roles for more information.

To mark an error:

  • Click the Logs tab.
  • In the Type list box, select Errors – Unmarked. A list of unmarked errors is displayed.

Note: There are two other ways to display errors:

  • If unmarked service errors exist, you can click the Service Errors link to display them.
  • To display unmarked channel errors, you can click the link in the Errors column in the Dashboard, or click the Errors link in the Control Panel for the channel.
  • In the list of errors, click the error that you want to mark. The detailed view for the error appears:

Click to mark the error.

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