Sending and receiving HL7 test messages for a channel


Two utilities are available the HL7 Simulator and the HL7 Listener:

HL7 Simulator

The HL7 Simulator is a useful tool for simulating a live feed of HL7 messages. Effectively, it acts as a simple HL7 TCP/IP client.

Two versions of the HL7 Simulator are provided: a GUI application and a command-line application.

HL7 Listener

The listener operates as a TCP/IP server which is listening on a port number. The application that you wish to receive messages from must be configured to connect via TCP/IP as a client to this port on the host that the listener is running on.

Getting HL7 Sample data

Getting ones hands on HL7 data is one of the biggest pains in the proverbial even for us. See our Getting Sample HL7 Data article for details on generating data and a few sources of sample data. If you have some good quality sanitized sample/test HL7 data please send it to us and we will happily post it on this site.

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