This function adds address information to your CDA document:

add() [top]

Usage: cda.demographic.address.add{target=<{PARENT}>, use=<TYPE>, street=<STREET>, street2=<STREET2>, city=<CITY>, state=<STATE>, zip=<ZIP>}

Add an address to your CDA document. Addresses apply to many RIM classes (such as patients, authors, and organizations).

Returns: A parsed tree representing the populated XML element

Required parameters:

  • target: The parent tag under which you wish to add the new element

Optional parameters:

  • use: Type of address
  • street: The street value
  • street2: Optional second street line
  • city: The city, i.e., Toronto
  • state: The state or province, i.e., ON
  • zip: The zip code
  • country: The country


cda.demographic.address.add{target={PARENT}, use=cda.code.address.Home, street='1357 Amber Drive', city='Beaverton', state='OR', zip='97867', country='US'}

Example Result:

<addr use="HP">
    <streetAddressLine>1357 Amber Drive</streetAddressLine>