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The dateparse.lua module contains a fuzzy date/time parser which parses just about any date. The dateparse.parse() function is pretty smart, but it can’t predict everything, to address this we allow you to create custom date formats.

Tip: You can add custom formats to the fmt_details table in the dateparse module, this is great for formats that will be repeated in different messages. You can also create one-off date formats in inline code, use these for odd formats that you don’t expect to see again. And as always Iguana is flexible so you can always add a “one-off” format to the fmt_details table later.

The code for this module can be downloaded from our code repository.

No API documentation has been written for the dateparse.lua module yet. See the links to wiki articles below for more information and example usage.

For More Information

Here are some wiki examples using the dateparse.lua module:

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