Creating web services

Patient Demographics

Patient Demographics is a more realistic example of building a web service with Iguana. Just load up the code and inspect it see how it works. It uses these techniques:

  • Using error handling with pcall()
  • Maintaining a table of available calls
  • Returning JSON from the result set
  • It also serves up some simple documentation for the interface

Try it now: Patient demographics, username = admin and password = password.

To run the example

  1. Set up a channel with From HTTPS –> To Channel
  2. Set the Source > Use Translator to “Translator”
  3. Then set the “Source>URL path” to “demographic”, and note the web link that is created
    Note: The port number will be different from that used for Iguana
  4. Import this project file into the From HTTPS script
  5. Create the tables using table.vmd that is included in the project
  6. Use the URL from step 3 to access the web service

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