Connecting to Highrise CRM using Web Services


This example uses RESTful calls to connect to Highrise CRM using their web service API. We use the Iguana Network API to read Contact information, and to insert new Contacts.

The insert process creates a Contact and returns a header message containing their unique id and a url in the Location field (picture below code). To add further information (contact details, tags etc) you need to update the person using this id.

Use net.http.get for reading contact details:

Use to create new contacts:

I took a snap of an Iguana annotation showing the returned Header message (return H in code above). The Id of the new Contact is highlighted

You can get this module here. And this is how to test the channel using sample data.

One of lovely things about RESTful APIs like highrise is how beautiful they are to debug, you just use an ordinary web browser to look at the data going over the wire.

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