I ran into a bug in the Translator. What is the best way to report it?

Best efforts are made to avoid shipping products with defects, but failures and unexpected behaviour will show up from time to time. In order to facilitate a faster resolution, it may be useful to keep these points in mind when reporting a problem or defect:

  1. If possible, edit your code down to the minimal amount required to reproduce the problem.
  2. Double-check that you have eliminated all the dependencies that would be difficult for us to recreate in our own environment (like the use of database tables).
  3. Export your project and send us the zipped copy of the complete source code.
  4. If applicable, include at least one sample message.

Following this process makes it very efficient for our support team to tackle the problem and recruit help from our development team if needed. Once resolved, we have at our disposal nightly table branch and unstable branch snapshots that we can provide so that you can verify our fixes in a timely manner.

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