What is HL7?

Example Message

  1. Segment – This is characterized by three characters, the delimiter [e.g., ‘MSH|’] and the rest of the fields to follow. They are grouped by relevancy. [i.e., PV1 contains Patient Visit information] They may be Required or [Optional] and may or may not be {Repeating} or <Optional + Repeating>
  2. Delimiter characters – This defines how each of the fields will be separated. Following the Delimiter are the encoding characters that will be defined later
  3. Event Type – This Identifies the type of message [ADT] and the Event code [A01 = Admit Patient]
  4. Field – A field is an space between the delimiter. Many fields have a subfield which is typically a “^”. Our example:

PID field 11. – ‘23 Street Rd^WoodyCreek^CO^75219’

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