What is HL7?


Segments of a message may be required or optional. They may occur only once in a message or they may be allowed to repeat. Each segment is given a name. Each segment is identified by a unique three-character code known as the Segment ID. All segment ID codes beginning with the letter Z are reserved for locally defined segments. This table lists some common segments:

Name Description
MSH Message Header
EVN Event Type
PID Patient Identification
PV1 Patient Visit
PV2 Patient Visit – Additional Information
NK1 Next of Kin / Associated Parties
AL1 Patient Allergy Information
IAM Patient Adverse Reaction Information
IAR Allergy Reaction
NPU Bed Status Update
MRG Merge Patient Information
PD1 Additional Patient Demographics
DB1 Disability
PDA Patient Death and Autopsy
ARV Access Restrictions

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