Channel FAQs

This section contains answers to common questions about Iguana Channels.

A common problem that people run into the first time in using the Translator is when they get this error coming up when they try to run a channel:

Error encountered while filtering message:
Translator error occurred in module "main", line 10:
attempt to call global 'Template' (a nil value)

Another way the same issue manifests itself is:

There is not a function main defined in the script. This is required as the main entry point.

This problem is simple to fix. It is just a matter of committing the milestone for the Translator instance before you start the channel.

It’s very easy to identify when a channel definition has changed. Whenever a channel definition is changed a log entry is created.

The log message tells you when the change was made and by whom. The details of the change are not included.

You can search the logs and use a Text Query to filter out other messages. Searching Informational messages for “channel modified” should suffice (you could add a Time Range filter if needed):

Note: Log entries are not created for code changes as these are recorded using milestones.

Please contact support at if you need more help.

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