How fossil works with Iguana

Why we chose fossil

The Iguana Translator stores all it’s files in a BSD licensed source code control system called ‘Fossil‘. To get files into this repository during normal use one must use the web interface of the Translator to upload vmd files and edit Lua files. The choice of fossil was because:

  1. Iguana can offer a much better, standard ‘out of the box’ experience by shipping with a single integrated source code control system.
  2. Fossil is from a high quality source – the maker of SQLlite.
  3. It has a small footprint making it easy to distribute with Iguana.
  4. Because it’s an open standard source code control system it means advanced users that wish to be able to programmatically check out Iguana Translator source code for any purpose such as external unit testing, mass editing etc. are able to do so using the standard fossil.exe client which is distributed with Iguana.

This can sometimes be confusing to new users of the Iguana Translator when they find they cannot access files on the local file system of the server. The intent is on our part is to create more of cloud type solution where the operating system becomes less important and all files are stored in source control.

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