How fossil works with Iguana

How Iguana uses fossil


In physical terms, in the working directory of Iguana the actual configuration files are:

  • IguanaConfiguration.xml
  • vcs_repo.sqlite

The first one is an XML file which contains the classical configuration information for Iguana channels. The second file is a Fossil repository.

If the vcs_repo.sqlite file does not exist Iguana will look for a file called initial.sqlite which is a default initial repository shipped with the product.

You can actually open up this repository using the fossil.exe file which is shipped with Iguana. Fossil is unusual in that the entire source code control system is run as a single executable.


fossil ui vcs_repo.sqlite

This will run the fossil executable as a webserver and open up a browser to point at Fossil’s web UI. Power users may appreciate this as technique to get some features of source control which are not exposed in the Iguana UI.

Many vendors deploying Iguana will often choose to customize the installation of the Iguana so that when it comes preloaded with the channels and templates they require as part of their normal install.

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