How to deal with the “File Modified” dialog

When a channel is opened twice for editing then you may get this “File Modified” message. For example: When you accidentally open the same project twice, or you may have two users updating the same shared module (in different channels).

If you get the similar “merge conflict” error, see the FAQ How to resolve an editor “merge conflict”.

Issue: The code was modified in another instance of Iguana and you need to choose whether to use the current code (in your editor) or load the changed version from the other editor.

Solution: View the changes and choose which version to use.

  1. Click Show Changes.
    You will see a dialog similar to this:
  2. If you are uncertain of which version to keep then make a copy of the code first.
  3. Choose either the original (left pane) or the changed version (right pane) of the code.
  4. In this case we don’t want the added comment, so we click the left button Use this version.

Note: If the code was edited by a colleague, you will probably need to discuss the changes to ensure a solution that fulfills both your requirements. Which is why we suggest making a copy as the second step (you can save it in a text file).

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