The Iguana Demo

Welcome to the Iguana demo!

Are you experienced with integration/interface development?
Are you new to integration but comfortable within a programming environment?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, this in-product demonstration was designed specifically for you. Upon product installation, you have the option to load four pre-built demo channels into your Iguana environment.

These channels demonstrate some common integration tasks:

  • Reading and delivering messages
  • Translating and filtering messages
  • Mapping messages to a database
  • Creating a web service to respond to message requests

Once these channels are loaded, we suggest just diving right in! This is a great opportunity to see Iguana’s extensive capabilities in action, so don’t be scared to click around the channels, play with the tools, and explore the code under the hood.

Note: If you find the demo too advanced, we recommend taking a step back and the other articles in our Getting Started wiki section. These articles cover basic concepts and includes Iguana First Steps, a step-by-step tutorial for creating a basic interface.

This video provides a quick walk-through of both the demo and Iguana:

Help! I am having a hard time understanding the code!

The following four pages explain what each channel does, and how the code works.

Need help finding the scripts? Accessing the code is simple.

If you don’t already have the demo loaded into Iguana, don’t worry! It’s easy to setup the demo channels.

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