Tuning a large scale Iguana install

Diagnostic Tools

We have a lot of customers that start off small and organically grow to the point where they become very large.

At that point they often need to look seriously at how they architect their overall solution using Iguana with respect to running many busy interfaces.

This tip covers a couple of places I see customers often have challenges with and some good ways to make things work better.


The key to good tuning is empirical measurement. No two Iguana installs are exactly alike and tuning requires looking at how Iguana is performing under your specific loads, how you write your interfaces and so on.

Some diagnostic tools that you should be aware of. There is a /debug URL in Iguana which will give you access to a number of useful diagnostic screens. So if you are have an Iguana instance on localhost with a web interface on port 6543 the URL is:


And one of these is a good screen for socket diagnostics:


Also try the monitor graph utility – it’s a handy example of how you can collect runtime statistics about an Iguana instance over time which can be very helpful in understanding where attention needs to be given.

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