Windows Troubleshooting

Iguana Crash Reporting

Under windows Iguana has a very good built-in crash reporting system that provides detailed information on what caused a crash to occur. It took us a lot of effort to implement but is very useful.

If you look in the Iguana install directory, you will find the following files:

  • ServiceErrorLog.txt
  • Files with the extension *.dmp and *.mdmp

Please send them to us, since they have information that is required by our development team to diagnose and resolve issues of this nature.

These files can be quite large. What we recommend doing is:

  • Zip them up into single zip archive
  • Add to same zip archive any additional file(s) you may find necessary to report to us
  • Name this archive with distinguishable name, we recommend this format:
  • Upload zip file directly to our ftp site, see Uploading files to iNTERFACEWARE Support via FTP

Thank you, we really appreciate you doing this.

If you have an Iguana server which is crashing then this is the recommended troubleshooting procedure.

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