Query Iguana User Role/Email

Use the iguana.user module to authenticate users, and retrieve email addresses

HL7: Split up batch file

Use the the hl7.batch module to split an HL7 batch file into a table of HL7 messages

HL7: Illegal embedded chars

Use the hl7.delimiter.fix module to fix unescaped "&" characters by escaping them as "\T\"

HL7: Process immediately

Demonstrates how to perform all the message processing in an LLP Listener script

Iguana Configuration Utility

Tool for Windows and Linux users that makes it easy and convenient to automatically upgrade an Iguana 6 instance to a more recent or earlier version of Iguana 6. The tool makes it possible to rollback to an earlier version also.

Streaming File Operations

Use the stream.lua module and builtin io file functions to deal with large files

Run program on POSIX

How to use builtin functions to run a command line program on POSIX systems