Problems editing channel properties with IE version 11


Some customers have had problems changing between channel property tabs when using Internet Explorer (IE) version 11.

IE 11 tab swap issue

Note: We are no longer officially supporting IE but it should still work up to Iguana version 6.1.4 – we recommend using IE version 11 or later.

Issue [top]

You cannot switch between tabs in channel properties when using IE 11.

Solution [top]

  1. Ensure that javascript is enabled.
    • If this does not fix the problem then continue to step 2.
  2. If possible change to using a modern web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

    Note: If you are limited to using Microsoft Windows software you can also try the Edge browser, but please be aware that it is not officially supported.

  3. If using IE is the is the only option, then change the IE security setting from High to Medium-High:
    1. Select Internet Options from the “gear” menu, or the Tools menu:
      internet options gear menu
      internet options tools menu
    2. Click the Custom level… button to open Security Settings:
      IE security settings
    3. Check to see if Security Settings are set to High, like this:
      IE security settings
    4. Change to the Medium-High security setting, like this:
      IE security
    5. Press Ctrl + F5 to do a “hard refresh” of the page.
    6. If the symptoms persist you may also need restart Iguana and IE.


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