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Deciding the source and destination components

  • Hi,
    I am new to iguana and recently trying the examples given on the site.
    We have a requirement –> A external system usually calls a webservice available in our product end.
    Now instead of direct call we are placing iguana interface. So I am quite confused on how to select the source and destination components. It should be From HTTPS–>To translator or any other way. Any inputs is well appreciated.

    Any updates on this topic?


    If I am reading your description right, your external system is going to send information through Iguana for it to call into your product’s web API.

    You are correct that the destination component will be To Translator, as that handles all web client logic.

    The From component depends on how the external system is sending data into Iguana. If the external client is sending data over HTTP as a web client, then you would build a web service in the From HTTPS to listen for and handle those requests.

    The basics for building web clients and web services are explored in this Help Center article:


    Casey Trauer,
    Director, Client Education

    Thanks for the input Casey,

    Yes, our external client is sending data over HTTP as a webclient. So I have created a webservice in Iguana, so that it gets invoked whenever our client sends data. And proceeding with the design.

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