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General Lua environment question

  • I was looking at the example:

    “Configuring a From Channel component using the HTTP Channel API”

    And my question is, how do you execute the script?. Since it seems you cannot just run a script without creating a channel. Or put another way, how do you use Lua within the Iguana environment to run a script once and not have the channel keep executing it?.

    A lot of the APIs in Iguana support a ‘live=(true/false)’ argument. When the argument is set to false then the command isn’t actually run in the environment.

    One can do this with your own functionality by using the iguana.isTest() function to test for whether one is in the IDE or not.

    Generally speaking if you only execute read operations in the translator IDE it solves this problem.

    Hope that helps. I am in LA so may not be able to reply quickly.

    BTW – if you are playing about with the Channel API then go have a look at the channel manager – if you are looking for a tool for configuration management it’s the place to start.

    That explains it well, Eliot. I’m new to this scripting in Iguana, but it looks incredible based on the video tours.

    And to follow up, the .VMD and Chameleon have are still a prominate parts of the suite

    Yes although we just hit managed to hit a small milestone with that which we literally revealed yesterday:

    Where are you based? I’m in LA at the moment on our free workshop tour.

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