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Log Export Problem

  • We are running Iguana 5.6.15, the channel is configured for From Channel To Translator.
    When I click on the “Errors” hyperlink on the dashboard I am brought to the log viewer and unmarked errors are shown, so far so good. I click on the export section, check the “Related Messages” checkbox, hit the Export button, and nothing happens. The export button turns into what looks like a loading bar that never finishes.

    I have other channels that are setup as LLP To Translator and the above workflow works, I can get all the messages with errors exported to a file. The problem looks to be with the From Channel To Translator setup.

    Is there a different workflow I need to take to get the messages with errors exported to a file when using From Channel as the source or is this a bug in Iguana?


    Hi Matt,

    Hope things are well – yes sorry. It’s a bug. I would recommend upgrading to Iguana 5.6.19 which will resolve the issue.

    Fantastic! Thank You!

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