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New Ideas/Suggestions, and Voting

  • Is there a way on this forum to create a section to submit ideas and suggestions, and other uses can UpVote them? Once the activity on this forum increases, it may help give a better idea of what is desired by the many. And the Dev team can update with ‘Being reviewed’, ‘Not a chance’, etc 🙂
    Give us in the community a chance to speak up, and know that things are being examined.


    Steve Ela
    Macro Helix / McKesson
    Software Developer / Integration Lead / Scrum Master

    Hi Steve,

    At the moment this doesn’t exist, but I absolutely love the idea. For now if you have suggestions, feel free to send them directly to me @

    Often times as we’re going through our backlog we reach out to customers to get more context on suggestions that have come in, so I’m sure we’ll get to discuss your ideas further in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Pearce Herchenrader
    Product Manager

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