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Philips HL7 Alert messages to an Access DB?

  • How to configure Iguana to receive an Philips Patient Monitoring HL7 stream and convert it to an XML file which I can then import into an Access DB. Additionally, I want to strip out most of the information from the HL7 message only leaving the Department, Room #, the time and data stamp of the alert message, the OBX||TX field, and the alert fields value.

    Here is an example of a single HL7 message and I have italicized the information I want to export.

    PV1||I|PACU^^BED 7&7&9
    OBR|||||||20140402093800OBX||TX|1^Red Alarm^MDIL-ALERT|1|***BRADY 60 < 80||||||F
    OBX||ST|0002-d007^RhySta^MDIL|0|Learning Rhythm||||||F

    Is there a guide I can follow to configure this? I am only building this to test if it works so its not a perm installation. I am assuming the trial version will work for this right?


    Yes, why would you not just feed directly into the Access DB?

    Gives a nice introduction to the 4 channel demo which ships with Iguana which includes an example of feeding HL7 directly into a database.

    Thanks for the reply and the link. Followed it and have been playing around, but have more questions.. 🙂

    1. I havent seen anything on setting up a connection from an HL7 stream being sent from a different machine. In other interface engines like Mirth for example, there is a TCP/IP listener that can be configured to connected as a HL7 client and get messages. (I have already sucessfully done that, thats where that sample message came from) So how do you configure that in Iguana?

    ***Update*** after posting this.. I found HL7 Listener which I believe is what I was looking for. I cant test till Monday when I get back into work (access to an HL7 test stream) but I’m fairly sure this is what I was looking for. Right???? 🙂

    2. Looks like I will need to either create a VMD file to parse out the fields I dont want in my HL7 or modify the demo one. Any links to how I might want to do this for the OBX field? I did read the HL7 to Database Tutorial and its good, but I’m still not quite grasping how to make changes to the VMD to make it work for what I need.


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