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Possible bug when attaching a role to a user.

  • Hello.

    I don’t know if this is the right place to talk about this kind of matter, but I would like to give it a try and maybe someone can help me or confirm that this is some kind of bug in the platform.

    I want to mention that I’m really recent in this Iguana platform and all its features and powerful bunch of choices. I have been going through all the Iguana course, even though I have some knowledge of HL7 standards I went through the HL7 course as well.
    During the course named “Working In Iguana” on the chapter about “Creating users, roles and groups” and after creating a new role that only allows users to “Start/Stop” channels I went to the step related with “Adding a new user”. This is the part that led to this topic. After I filled all the form with the info related with the user, as you know there is a point to choose which role membership you want to attribute to the user. Here is what happened to me:
    – At first I chose to attribute the role created that I mentioned before in this topic;
    – Then I thought “Maybe this is not the one that I wanted in the first place”, so I removed it;
    – But in the end I confirmed that it was indeed the role that I wanted and I went back to the drop-down list to choose the same role and what happened was: the role was not in the list anymore.

    I hope this was clear enough to understand my problem.
    By the way, the same problem happen if you try to create a new role and choose a group of channels in the drop-down list and you procced the same way as I did for choosing a role to a new user.
    (NOTE: I also tried in different browsers)
    Let me know your thoughts about this. Maybe if someone had the same problem, it is indeed a bug. Not a critical one, in my opinion, but it makes you go back or refresh the page you are in.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Filipe Pinheiro

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