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Publishing to a Channel Group

  • Does anyone know of a way to use a Channel Group as the destination for a Channel?

    I am trying to set up Channels that have “To Channel” as the Destination. However, the downstream channels may change and I would rather modify the Channel Groups in one place (Settings) than go through and modify all the Channels’ respective destinations that would be affected if I have to add or remove downstream channels.

    Has anyone found a way to do this?

    Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    There is no way to point a channel to Channels Group, but one could write a script to modify channels configuration programmatically.

    If channels contained in desired, yet virtual, group were listed in some configuration file, or in database table, or so, then changing configuration would have become not more that editing list of channels and running this script (to be written 🙂 But it is certainly doable.

    Impact on Production workflow? Quick, momentarily stop/start of involved channels during reconfiguration by script.

    Thanks Lev,

    can you point me to an example of a script that modifies these types of channel configurations?

    I haven’t encountered anything like that yet.

    Thanks again!

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