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redis integration?

  • Has anyone connected iguana to redis?

    We are using redis internally, allowing for loose coupling of our internal components. We would like to use Iguana to subscribe to redis data streams and manage the insertion of records into various iguana-aware channels.

    I could try using a native lua client ( but I thought I’d make sure there wasn’t a cleaner way to do it already.

    This would be incredibly useful, bumping this post.


    There are several strategies for connecting to Redis.

    1) Set up a web service front end like a Webdis. Use Iguana’s HTTP APIs to interact through that service.

    2) Import and adapt the Redis Lua client, which relies on LuaSocket. This will require you to compile an extension for LuaSocket. The caveat here is that external Lua libraries may not be optimized to work in Iguana. We have had customers getting this strategy to work, but I have no clear insight to offer over performance.

    Integration with in-memory databases is on our radar. I hope that we can provide more guidance in the future for how to use them with Iguana, particularly Redis.


    Casey Trauer,
    Director, Client Education

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