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Release Single Message in the Queue

  • There is time that I want to release (send) a single message from the queue while channel is stop.
    What is the best way to perform such action since Iguana does not have hold feature.

    What kinds of situations would you want to only send out a single message into the queue and hold the rest James?

    The workflow you are probably looking for would require you to somehow re-queue that message in another channel, and there are several ways you can do this, depending on the business rules.

    To give you the best direction, I would want to know:
    1. What are the rules for identifying the message you want to re-queue?
    2. When you say that the channel is stopped, do you mean it is inactive? Can I assume that I will not be able to leverage that channel’s Translator to re-queue the message?
    3. Are you trying to re-queue a single message from the queue of messages that are pending but not processed because the channel is down?

    If you can fill in more details, I can guide you on the best solution.

    Casey Trauer,
    Director, Client Education

    Here is scenario:

    The downstream system has 2 hrs downtime for system upgrade.
    The iguana channel is stop and messages are queued.
    The downstream system informs that they are ready to turn on their interface. However, they request to send few messages for them to verify and validate.

    We will need to release one messages to downstream system and hold the reset of the messages. Upon receive the message, downstream system performs smoke test. They may request more messages be send.

    If the smoke test is successfull, the remain messages will be released; otherwise, it will be roll-back.

    To Casey’s questions.
    1. No rule just next message in queue.
    2. The channel will be stop so the messages will not be send during downtime.
    3. Not sure what you mean by re-queue but the message is pending and not process due to channel is down.

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