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Resubmitting a message via the translator

  • In our other forum this questions was asked by Tony Nuzzo
    We have a need to programatically resubmit a message. Right now, we can use your webservice API to get the message from the log, then we take the message body and re-introduce it to Iguana. This works, but it seems like there could be an easier way. I noticed that in your log viewer you have the ability to resubmit a message from there. Is this functionality exposed anywhere where the translator can use that?

    Eliot: Hi Tony,

    I don’t think it is done officially. However there must be some underlying web service call that the Iguana GUI is using to make that resubmission happen. Recently I wrote a module that simulates a user logging into Iguana getting a session cookie so a solution exists, see:

    It will just take a little digging to find the exact call and put a module together. This may take a few days to manage your expectations.

    Eliot: Change risk is manageable incidentally since we can document how to do this in our wiki and if the interface changes in the future we work with whoever is interested to update the documentation.

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