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SDK for HL7 Intergartion engine Development

  • Hi All,

    I need an information about the SDK tool to purchase for the HL7 integration engine development.
    can anyone help me with Chameleon SDK details.

    Thank you,

    Hey Jayalatha,

    Chameleon could be used for this purpose and we do sell a lot of Chameleon licenses today and continue to support this embedded SDK since we have a lot of partners still using it. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense for any new development though.

    For new applications the best practice is to define a full RESTful web service based API and then use this as a foundation to produce and consume different interfacing formats such as HL7. Iguana then comes into it’s own since it can easily talk to that well defined API and makes it easy to deal with many different flavours of HL7.

    The beauty of that is that when you have a new client site that needs something slightly different with their HL7 or needs integration with another source such as a flat file etc. etc. then there is no need to trigger a new product release cycle – the core application remains unchanged – you just tweak things on the integration engine side for that site and you’re done. That’s the real value of an integration engine – it allows one to separate work on the core application from the custom stuff you have to do to integrate with third parties.

    This is better than putting an endless amount of customization into the core product. Hope that helps to explain more clearly why people tend not to use HL7 SDKs anymore – it just doesn’t make economic sense.

    Happy to enlarge on this if I haven’t explained it clearly.

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