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stripping last part of email

  • In the data that is sent to the channel it contains in PATIENT[1].PID[13][1][4] ‘’ but once it goes through the HL7_2.5.1.vmd the @email gets stripped leaving PATIENT[1].PID[13][1][4] with just ‘John.Smith’. Why is the @ being triggered to action instead of treating the whole email address as a string to pass along?

    Thanks for the help as I’m sure I’m just missing something silly.

    Seems more of a typical support inquiry. You are best off emailing support – they will be able to assist you in either configuring things to solve the issue or if there is a problem escalating a ticket for it.

    On that topic I wouldn’t use HL7_2.5.1 as a generic vmd to parse stuff – it’s too large.

    If you look at things like ADT messages they all tend to have the same segment grammars which means a good technique for dealing with any ADT message in the translator is to have a vmd which describes one generic ADT grammar and then you can look at the value of MSH.9.2 to see what kind of event it is.

    The vmd takes less memory to is a good practice to follow.

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